My Personal History

Rex at the anvil 1970
My first job - I am on the left

dot 1969-- Farm boy meets city girl. Followed by marriage and 3 sons. Pursued a job in blacksmithing, welding/machine shop. There I honed my skills. Photo was taken in 1970. I'm the younger one.

As time passed I moved on to new locations and jobs to broaden my horizons, my trade, and my skills. I've worked as a pipefitter, electrician, mechanic, sheet-metal/mechanic, and in industrial maintenance, just to name a few. My main interest always remained machine work and blacksmithing. I've acquired tools and equipment over the years, and now have a complete machine and blacksmith shop. Nothing pretty, or fancy, but we can get the job done. All of my sons worked with me while they were growing up. My youngest, Jared, is working with me now, part-time, helping me make the burners.

I'm a stickler for details. My philosophy has always been to do it right the 1st time. I believe in + or - zero tolerances, and then there is little error in the final product.

dot The burner designs resulted from my desire to build a naturally aspirated gas forge. I read and studied the available material on the subject and it led me to Ron Reil. Through this association I became acquainted with Michael Porter. After sharing our ideas on building burners, the Hybrid Burners were born.


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